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Empowerment is a main theme of Dr. Maxwell’s philosophy, and he leads by example.

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Join us for empowering investing and leadership training through Investor Masterminds. Come be inspired, encouraged, and equipped to live God’s best for your life!

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Meet Dr. Willard Maxwell, Jr.

Pastor – Educator – Entrepreneur

Dr. Maxwell educates and equips those he is called to serve through Biblical yet practical preaching/teaching. His interactive approach to pastoral leadership includes creating and cultivating a culture of innovation, leadership, and a commitment to spiritual and personal growth.

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New Beech Grove Church

New Beech Grove also believes that the purpose of the church is to encourage, promote, and facilitate spiritual growth and transformation that comes as a result of following the example of Jesus Christ.

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  • 10 Nov

    Preaching Engagement with Pastor Nathan Austin

    The Zion Church | 1525 NW 7th Street Pompano Beach, FL | 9 am

Our vision is to build kingdom minded people to serve the community.

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